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Hey mobile firms: About that Android thing… Did Google add a lockout clause?

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Hey mobile firms: About that Android thing… Did Google add a lockout clause?
The European Commission has asked mobile telecoms firms and manufacturers of devices to provide details of any agreements they have with Google regarding the use of the technology giant's Android operating system. A number of Google's rivals have …
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Google's Android faces EU probe over licensing practices
The Financial Times reported Thursday, citing EU documents it claims to have seen, that the governing body's competition watchdogs are conducting an informal investigation into whether Google is violating competition regulations with its Android …
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Androidly smartwatch can run Android apps from Google Play
So, you can access a variety of mobile apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, Cut the Rope, and Angry Birds. That all sounds intriguing, though running those apps may not be so easy on the eyes. Touted by Androidly as the smallest …
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